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Meet Our Mentors

Fartun Abdulle, ’19
Health Policy & Management Major Black Studies Minor
Lawrence, Massachusetts
Advice: Remember to prioritize your mental health! College can be stressful, and it’s important to practice different forms of self-care.




Perla Castillo Calderon, ’20 
Public & Community Service Studies Major Political Science Minor Business Certificate
Providence, Rhode Island
Advice: Just be YOU! No two people are the same.




Alexander DaCosta, ’20
Business Management Major
Bristol, Rhode Island
Advice: Stay organized! It will allow you to keep track of everything you need to do in a busy time of the year!




Dawyn Henriquez, ’19
English/Creative Writing Major
Lawrence, Massachusetts




Kevin Leal, ’20
Biology Major Business Certificate
East Providence, Rhode Island
Advice: Get involved on campus and make your connections early! There are many people who can guide you on your journey here, and that is a key to success at any college.



Haita Ndimbalan, ’20
Health Policy & Management Major Spanish Major
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Advice: My best piece of advice is self-advocacy. You will have plenty of people who are willing to help you succeed but unless you take the initiative to get yourself out there, you are limiting yourself. That being said, step out of your comfort zone and take action towards reaching your full potential.


Francisco Vera Nicola, ’20
Sociology Major Latin America Studies Minor
Providence, Rhode Island
Advice: My best advice would be to enter things with as few preconceived notions as possible. You can only truly judge something after you have tried it. If it doesn’t turn out good, then it is a learning experience.



Tyré Richards, ’19
Psychology & Social Work Major
Bronx, New York
Advice: Never ever doubt your capability to do well in college. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want! You are your best motivator.



Sean Richardson, ’20
Sociology & Public and Community Service Major Writing Minor
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Advice: Be authentic!



Caroline Garcia-Then, ’19
Sociology Major Public & Community Service Minor
Lawrence, Massachusetts
Advice: My best advice for freshmen is to find that outlet on campus that allows you to express yourself at your full potential, that allows you to grow in all aspects and does not hinder you or your potential in any way because being yourself is the best you that you can be!