Friar Foundations Moving In Providence College

What to Bring

​​​​​​​​​​The following information should prove helpful to you in your preparation for taking up residence on the campus of Providence College for the Friar Foundations program. Please refer to the Providence College Student Handbook​  for further information related to non-permitted items and fire safety.

What to Bring (Optional Personal Items)


Ethernet computer cord


Alarm Clock

Linens (XL Twin)

Dryer Sheets

School Supplies

Laundry Detergent (HE)


Laundry Bag/cart


Shower Caddy

Mattress Pad/Topper (optional)

Clothes Hangers

Bottled Water

Cleaning Products


Surge Protectors

Desk Lamp

Glasses/Flatware/Microwavable bowl




Paper Towels

Trash Can

Television (Cable TV service is provided by the College)

*Students will need to provide coaxial cable

What Not to Bring for Use in Your Room

Providence College takes fire safety seriously. The use of the following items in traditional hall student rooms is not permitted.

The following prohibited items will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken if found in the residence halls:

Electric blankets

Popcorn poppers

Hot plates/pots, rice cookers, waffle irons, griddles, broiler ovens, toasters, toaster ovens

Grill, propane, flammable liquid, charcoal

Electric heaters/air conditioners (must be approved by Disabilities Coordinator)

Neon lights, paper lights, or Christmas/string lights

Candles (including for decoration), incense, and items carrying a live flame

Duct tape **Items posted with duct tape will result in damage billing fine

Pets (except fish in ten gallon tanks or less)

Weapons and projectile devices including dart boards, pellet guns, foam dart guns, etc.

Two-prong extension cords [Note: students are encouraged to bring extenders with surge protection or 3-prong extension cords (these items are available in the PC Bookstore). All 3-prong multi-plugs must be surge protected.]

Multi-plug extension cords without surge protection

Additional furniture (e.g. couches, recliners, small foam furniture, hammocks, tables > 2’x2′)